Hawk Eye’s Smart GPS technology becoming ever popular, companies are to consider GPS trackers as an essential tool for everyday security equipment optimization and tracking. GPS increases the visibility of all kinds of important assets, from security of large equipment, to truck, trailers and containers that are often on the move (live tracking) or stationed in remote areas for long periods of time. 

With the latest GPS and GSM solutions, highly sensitive internal antennas, rugged waterproof and heatproof enclosure, and long battery life, Hawk Eye’s 3G HAWK-5000 units, can be used in harsh environments for long periods of time. Large equipment or assets are often stationed outdoors or semi-outdoors where harsh environments and dramatic temperature changes make it difficult for electronic products to survive. HAWK-5000’s waterproof and heatproof plastic casing and high quality rechargeable battery allow it to withstand such extreme operating environments. Its no-power-switch design makes it impossible for anyone to switch it off accidentally or intentionally. Its superb power management, and configurable operating profiles make it possible to keep pinning locations live or editable time periods. 

With the HAWK-5000, business owners will benefit from improving the visibility of their assets, increasing the efficiency of asset with our smart dispatching off-route alerts, reducing maintenance costs, fuel and missing assets, (very helpful in equipment dispatch,) management and security. Its simplicity of design and user interface reduces false alarms and malfunctions. Because of its long operating time and fault-proof design, it is truly a fit-and-forget product that offers customers peace of mind. HAWK-5000 is ideal for managing vehicles, containers, trailers, large equipment and point of service machines. 

    • Equipment tracking
    • Intergrated dispatch off-route alert tracking
    • Unauthorized movement alerts
    • History playback/export files
    • Live Asset tracking
    • POS machine tracking
    • Container/truck/trailer/Dumpster/Bin tracking


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